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Dog toys for every dog

Runners, jumpers, chewers, chasers and pullers – we have a dog toy that’s perfect for your dog. We have dog toys to keep them busy and one's durable enough to withstand the pressure of powerful jaws.

For runners

Some dogs were built for speed and boy do they love to show it off. Racing along and kicking up grass – all they want to do is run! My Pet Warehouse has a huge range of dog toys online for your athletic hound. This includes dog toys from Chuck It and other dog toys that are easy for you to launch across the horizon.

For jumpers

Does your dog think that he’s a kangaroo? With legs like springs your dog loves to jump and catch toys. My Pet Warehouse has heaps of toys that your dog will love jumping to catch. This includes plush dog toys and Frisbees, which are light and won’t hurt your pup’s mouth as he catches them.

For chewers

If you are looking to rescue your shoes from a slobbery mouth then visit us at My Pet Warehouse. You’ll find a great range of toys for chewers including famous Kong rubber toys and other rubber toys durable enough to provide months of good chewing.

For chasers

There’s something about plush toys that just beg a dog to chase them. A game of plush toy chase is a great indoor game as the toys are soft and cause less damage than a hard ball. My Pet Warehouse is plush toy heaven for your dog. You’ll find an array of colours, sizes and textures.

For pullers

Tug-of-war is a fun bonding activity to do with your dog. Instead of using your old socks, invest in a dog toy that’s built for tugging. My Pet Warehouse can provide you with tug toys made of rope, rubber or fabric. All are designed to withstand pulling pressure until one of you throws in the towel.