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It’s never too late for dog training!

It’s a good idea to start dog training as early as possible but not everyone adopts a puppy. Puppies are blank canvasses whereas if you adopt an older dog they may already have some bad habits. Although it’s ideal to train young dogs, there’s nothing to stop you from undertaking dog training with your adult dog. After all, it’s better late than never!


Dogs can become aggressive for a multitude of reasons. Some pooches are naturally a bit snappy and can benefit from a muzzle whilst in public places. A simple muzzle with a wire basket could prevent any disasters from happening between your dog and another dog or a person. After all it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Dog muzzles can also take stress out of trips to the vet or the dog groomers. Sometimes even the best behaved dogs can be tempted to nip at a well-meaning vet or groomer. Muzzling your dog will enable these people to do their job quicker and without fear. Unless of course the dog is there for a dental appointment!

My Pet Warehouse has muzzles for sale that will fit toy breeds and larger breed dogs. This includes soft muzzles from Masterpet and Petlife muzzles.

Solutions for undesirable behaviour

Depending on the behavioural issue, there are several types of products available in the My Pet Warehouse store. These include products from the ever-popular Gentle Leader dog training range You’ll be able to find an appropriately sized Gentle Leader head collar or halti harness for your dog in our online store.

Even the most diligent dogs seem to forget their manners when it’s walk time. All the excitement seems to send their good behaviour flying out the window. Choosing an easy walk harness, a dog halter or a dog chain can help walk time run smoothly.

We also have dog training pouches that can be attached to your clothing whilst on a walk. Inside this pouch you can tuck tasty treats so that you can reward your dog on-the-go.

Solutions for desirable behaviour

Of course whilst discouraging undesirable behaviour, you’ll also want to encourage good behaviour too. We stock clickers so you can teach your dog important commands. Since dogs are highly responsive to sound these types of dog training tools will help you to train your stubborn dog.

Once he’s learnt all the important ones. Why not try teaching him something a bit fancier like how to close cupboard doors or fetch your slippers.