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On the road again? You need a dog car seat!

You wouldn’t get in a car without putting a seatbelt on so why should your dog? A dog car seat or harness will protect your dog from hurting himself whilst travelling.

You don’t even need to have a car accident for your dog to get hurt. Abrupt turns or bumps in the road could cause him to injure himself. Securing your dog using a dog car seat harness belt is the only way you can really protect him from becoming injured.

Car seats, harnesses and other safety accessories

Depending on the size and temperament of your dog there are a few different styles of dog car restraints available to you. We stock three main types of restraints: dog booster seats, seatbelt harnesses and seat barriers.

Dog booster seats are ideally suited to small and medium sized dogs. They confine the dog to a safe area and give them a better view out the window.

Seatbelt harnesses are appropriate for all sized dogs and prevent the dog from moving around on the seats. The harness protects the dog during collisions by stopping him from suddenly lurching from the seat.

A car seat barrier for dogs improves safety when travelling with your dog in two ways. They limit distractions to drivers from dogs moving from the back to the front seat. They also prevent dogs from falling and injuring themselves whilst climbing over the centre console of your car.

Read our blog article on how to travel safely with dogs in cars.

Car seat covers

Vacuuming your car is time consuming and boring. Protect your car seats from muddy dog paws and shedding hairby using dog car seat covers. The most popular style of car seat cover is the dog car seat hammock. It protects the entire back seat from coming into contact with your dog, thus reducing the need to vacuum the seats.

Other car products for your dog

Other dog car supplies for you and your dog might include a portable water bowl for drinks on the go or a dog ramp for puppies or senior dogs.