All paws on deck with a stable dog ramp for your pooch

Does your furry companion get too excited when it’s adventure time, leaping into your car as soon as you open the door? Maybe they’re on the smaller side, troubled by long drops from the couch or near impossible bounds onto your bed… support your pup (and their ligaments) with a dog ramp. Although dog ramps are ideal for old timers, pooches of all shapes, ages and sizes will benefit from some assistance, making elevated surfaces safer to scale without clawing away their independence.

What are the benefits to having a dog ramp?

Your paw pal won’t always be a bundle of energy, They have lazy days, down days and sick days just like people - while you love to see your best buddy happy and jumping into the backseat, it’s rarely good for them. Hopping in and out of a family SUV can be put up to four times the force on their legs than an everyday step, increasing their risk of developing osteoarthritis. While shorties and oldies often benefit from dog ramps, all dogs should have access to a non-slip and stable surface for daily pleasures like car rides, bed snuggles, large stairs, couches and elevated dog beds.

There’s no difference between a dog ramp for bed loving pups and a sturdy dog ramp for your car - indoors or outdoors, most ramps can be locked in place before a paw meets the hard-wearing plastic.  Differences come down to extra features like foldability, added grip, extensions and special ramps for heavier canines.

What if we live in a double-story home?

A dog ramp for stairs is recommended for dogs that haven’t quite figured out your staircase or breeds with little legs, like sausage dogs. Dog ramps are real canine confidence builders, allowing them to bypass the stress-inducing stairs as quickly as possible - sure, you may need to train them to use their ramp first, but the long-term health benefits coupled with increased independence for nervous or aged doggos means you’ll be sharing your home with a happy and healthy fur friend. 

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