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Looking for dog health products?

If you are looking for dog treatments and health supplies, you’ll find everything you need at My Pet Warehouse. We stock treatments for common health related issues and preventative products to avoid issues such as tooth decay and dermatitis.

There’s also dog toothbrushes and dog toothpaste to keep your canine’s smile fresh.

Skin and coat

Excessive scratching isn’t always due to the dog having fleas. If your dog is scratching and you are sure it is not fleas, lice or mites, he could have had an allergic reaction to something. This might be due to an insect bite or a minor skin infection.

We stock antibacterial sprays and creams to soothe itchy and inflamed skin. We also have dog shampoo for itchy skin, which is medicated to relieve itchy skin.


You brush your teeth every day to avoid tooth decay, but what about your dog? Dogs need their teeth brushing regularly or tartar will build up on their teeth causing tooth decay.

In our online store you’ll find a range of dog dental care products. If you want to establish a dental care routine for your dog you’ll need a dog toothbrush and special dog toothpaste.

General health

Other dog health supplies include heat mats and protective cone collars. We also stock several supplements to help deal with issues such as: sensitive skin, calcium deficiency, loss of electrolytes and weak joints.

As always with any health related issue we recommend that you contact your vet. Once they’ve advised you what to do you can come to us for the required treatment.

There is however some dog health supplies that you’ll need for the course of his life. Much like we keep a medicine cabinet full of headache tablets and cough syrup, you should also have a go-to kit prepared for your dog. In your kit you should have medicated dog shampoo, antiseptic, a dog toothbrush, dog toothpaste and anti-diarrhoea dog tablets.