Treat your pets with high-quality Eukanuba food

You can trust Eukanuba to take care of your furry friend. Their recipes are packed full of quality ingredients and provide tailored nutrition to keep your pet healthy and happy. When it comes to dog food Eukanbua is sure to get tails wagging at mealtimes, while Eukanuba cat food will help satisfy even the fussiest felines. Nab their next feast during an Eukanbua sale and satisfy your pet’s appetite without the premium price. 

Eukanuba dog food will satisfy your pup’s appetite

Like their human owners, dogs have their food preferences. Whether your pup prefers the crunch of dry Eukanuba dog biscuits or loves to lick their bowl clean of wet food, Eukanuba has you covered. 

Eukanuba pet food is breed-specific and embraces the differences between pups while ensuring a healthy diet. Whether you have a small or large breed, breed-specific food makes sure your pup is getting all the nutrients they need. Eukanuba will also take care of your pup through all of life’s stages with puppy, adult and senior food ranges. 

Eukanuba puppy food for growing furbabies

Start your puppy on the right nutritional path with Eukanuba puppy varieties. During their younger years when their muscles are strengthening and their immune systems are still forming, they need a little nutritional helping hand. Eukanuba puppy food helps support healthy weight and promote a strong immune system with a balance of nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins.

Eukanuba cat food will have your kitty purring in delight

Any cat owner will tell you that cats can be fussy at the best of times. Eukanuba cat food will have your cat pawing for more, all while providing the ‘purrfect’ balance of nutrients to keep them happy and healthy.

Eukanuba cat food has tailored options for all kinds of cats, from hairball to weight control and sensitive stomachs. You can also trust that your cat will be looked after at all stages of life with ranges in Eukanuba kitten food as well as adult and senior. 

With My Pet Warehouse, you can browse the range of Eukanuba Australia wide and make sure you get the very best for your furry friends. Not only will you find some of the cheapest Eukanbua dog food and cat food, we also offer free delivery on orders over $49.99. Plus, we’ll deliver your order on the same-day in metro areas. 

Eukanuba FAQ

Is Eukanuba prescription dog food?

You don’t need a prescription to enjoy all the benefits of Eukanuba dog food.

How much Eukanuba Adult should I feed my dog?

Serving quantities will vary depending on your dog. Some smaller breeds may need just over a cup, while large breeds may need a little over four cups to fill their stomachs. The feeding guide on the back of your dog’s food is your best guide for meal times.

How much Eukanuba Puppy does my little buddy need?

It’s a common thought that growing puppies need a lot of food. But in reality, their stomach capacity is still developing so it’s important not to overfeed them. The best tip is to stick to the daily amount recommended on the food bag.

How much Eukanuba Cat Food should I put in my feline’s bowl?

Much like dogs, cats also need specific positions depending on their size. For a cat that weighs around 2kg, it’s recommended to feed them between 30-40grams. However this will vary depending on your cat's size. The best way to find an accurate guide is on the back of your cat’s food packaging.

Who owns Eukanuba?

Eukanuba is owned and manufactured by Mars Incorporated, worldwide and Spectrum Brands in Europe.

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