Eukanuba’s range of premium pet food is world renowned for producing top notch dog food. It's made for all dogs, from the typical to the not-so-typical. Fun fact - the term “Eukanuba” came from the jazz age –Back in the 1920s the word meant ‘cool’ or ‘awesome’ which describes Eukanuba food so well. Every dog that eats Eukanuba is treated to a range of nutritional benefits.

There’s something in the range for all dogs great and small. Whether they’re a puppy or a senior, Eukanuba has a mix that is tailor made to suit their needs. Eukanuba also caters for working dogs and overweight pets. There’s both wet and dry food solutions available in a wide assortment of flavours. Whether your dog eats chicken, lamb or beef, there’s bound to be a flavour they like in the range.

If you’re serious about feeding your dog the right food, why not check out Eukanuba’s breed specific range? There’s a dry food mix made specifically for Boxers, Rottweilers, Labradors and Dachshunds. Each mix contains different levels of protein to benefit the wellbeing of your breed of dog.

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