You might not have heard of Feline Natural before, but you might have heard about K9 Natural – they’re the equivalent for cats! Now your feline friend can also benefit from the delicious, natural goodness that New Zealand has to offer. That’s right – Feline Natural is made from fresh, New Zealand produce and is prepared as a raw, freeze-dried food.

Feline Natural benefits your cat by giving them the food that nature intended them to have. In the wild, cats eat raw food, so it makes sense to pick a raw diet as an alternative feeding regime for your cat. It’s never been easier to feed them affordable and tasty raw diets.

Feline Natural make two, equally delicious flavour combinations: Chicken and Lamb and Chicken and Venison. They’re both full of all the right nutrition that your cat needs while still tasting really, really paw-licking delicious. Changing to Feline Natural is a change for the good. You’ll know you’ve made the right ‘choice, bro!’

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