Feliway reduces anxiety and stress in your cat

Does your cat suffer from anxiety or stress? Are they constantly unsettled or do they prefer to hide away? These are signs of common behaviour in many cats navigating a modern lifestyle. We may not realise it, but things we do day to day may act as triggers for our cats’ anxieties.

Cats weren’t always meant to live solely indoors, but for indoor cats living in units or apartments, they may feel claustrophobic. Do you have a multi-pet household? Some cats like being on their own – they’re solitary animals! So if they don’t have enough space in your house to be on their own, then they may become agitated and upset, especially when they’re sharing communal spaces with other pets. Perhaps you live on a main road, or next door to a dog and you’ve noticed your cat’s behaviour is affected by these factors.

This is where Feliway can help

We can’t always change certain lifestyle factors such as our living space or daily routines just to keep our cat’s calm and stress-free. Using Feliway can help your cat really adapt to their living space.

Many cat owners choose Feliway when they’re travelling or moving house to ensure their cats remain relaxed throughout an otherwise stressful period. New environments and new people can definitely panic cats, they won’t necessarily understand what’s going on. Using Feliway for your cat will help them keep calm when moving house.

Feliway can also be used to help combat unwanted urination in the house and territorial marking. In some cases, it’s also improved the relationship between cats that live together and stopped cats from fighting, scratching and other anti-social behaviour.

How does Feliway work?

Installing a Feliway diffuser is really easy. Simply plug it in to an electric socket in your house and switch it on. Ideally, keep the diffuser out of reach from your cat, so avoid sockets that are low to the ground or close to furniture. For best results, we recommend leaving the diffuser switched on for a month. Feliway sells refills, each refill will last for around 30 days.

The way Feliway works is by omitting a feline pheromone to counter your cat’s feelings of fear and stress. It’s safe to use in a house with kittens and cats of all life stages. Feliway is vet approved and clinically proven to reduce scratching and spraying.

If you think your cat could benefit from a little pheremonal R+R, try Feliway today

Feliway FAQs

How do I know if Feliway is working?

It's important to take notice of your cat's temperament, before and after using Feliway. If your cat was showing signs of stress and anxiety, once Feliway is introduced they'll begin to show changes in their behaviour. You can identify if Feliway has worked in 3 key ways:

  • 1. They rub their face on corners, furniture, other cats, or you! This is how your cat tells you that they're comfortable in their environment
  • 2. They use their scratcher more frequently. Cats scratch to mark their territory and to groom themselves, meaning that if they're readily scratching, they're very content.
  • 3. They get along with other cats and animals in their environment. It's natural for cats to be reclusive around other pets, but once they're more comfortable in their environment they will be more inclined to interact with other pets in your house.

Do I need to keep Feliway diffuser on all the time?

It may take over a month to see the results in your cat, or improvements in their behaviour, so it's important to keep the diffuser switched on all the time. Keep Feliway switched on when you go out, overnight - it will only work if you keep it unobstructed and on 24/7. There's no health concerns regarding keeping the diffuser switched on all the time either. Feliway contains a paraffin-type mineral oil which won't trigger asthamtic reactions. It's completely safe for humans to be around, as the pheremone in Feliway is species specific and only targeted at cats. It has no behavioural, physical or emotional effect on humans.

Do I need to keep Feliway diffuser on all the time?

When switched on, Feliway doesn't omit a smell or odour that can be picked up by humans. If the diffuser collects a lot of fur or debris where it's plugged in, it's best to give it a wipe so that the diffuser doesn't begin smelling like dust.

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