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Bring out the bubbles with our aquarium air pumps

You are more likely to associate fish with water rather than air but oxygen is crucial to their survival.

Fish absorb oxygen through their lungs and without the oxygen found in water they wouldn’t be able to survive. This is the reason why fish air pumps are so important: They aerate the water in your tank and replenish the lost oxygen content.

My Pet Warehouse has a selection of air pumps and aquarium air pump accessories.

Finding the right aquarium air pump

The type of pump you get depends on the size of your tank, the amount of fish and the temperature of the water. These three factors affect the level of oxygen found in your fish tank water.

Larger tanks will require multiple air pumps or a more powerful air pump in order to aerate the large body of water efficiently. Tanks with lots of fish will also need the same because more fish means more waste. Oxygen works like a pooper scooper by helping to breakdown waste material.

Finally, if you have tropical fish or cold water fish in a warm climate then a quality aquarium air pump kit will keep the water properly aerated. Oxygen content decreases with warmer water so you’ll benefit greatly from an air pump in the above circumstances.

Aquarium air pump accessories

You’ll find a range of fish tank air pump accessories in the My Pet Warehouse online store. We have several different styles of airstones that work to diffuse air into the tank water.

Airstones or aquarium bubblers are useful in aerating water and the bubbles look attractive. For those fish tanks located in quiet areas of the house, an airstone also helps to reduce noise of filters that produce large bubbles.

Fish tank air pump hose is also available online for you to use when installing or replacing a pump.