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Once you try an aquarium gravel cleaner, you’ll be hooked.

We’ll be the first to admit, fish don’t ask for much - just a regular feed and a clean tank. Simple.

Fish tank maintenance is a necessary part of fish ownership and My Pet Warehouse have all the supplies you need. We stock aquarium nets, algae remover, scrapers and aquarium gravel cleaners.

Aquarium gravel cleaners

An aquarium gravel cleaner is a nifty little tool that cleans the gravel in your aquarium. It works like a vacuum cleaner by removing the waste that builds up in the pockets between gravel.

All fish owners should have an aquarium gravel cleaner as it helps to remove dirt that’s not easily seen.

Aquarium algae remover

A fish tank is a beautiful addition to any home. The beautiful colours of fish are pleasing to look at and their movement is relaxing. But of course, if your tank is smothered with algae you won’t see any of that!

We have a few solutions that can help keep algae at bay. We have handheld algae remover pads and aquarium scrapers on sticks. Both of these can be used to remove algae from the aquarium tank glass or plastic.

In the fish water conditioner area of our online store you will find algae water treatments that control the growth of algae resulting in less maintenance.

Aquarium nets

We have aquarium nets ranging in size from 3” to 8”. Your choice will depend on the size of your fish and the size of your tank.

They may not be a glamorous aquarium accessory but sooner or later every fish owner will need one. They will allow you to safely lift your fish from the aquarium when undertaking tank maintenance.