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Delightful decorations and fish tank decor

Landscaping your aquarium is a great activity that results in visually stunning fish tanks and habitats. We stock heaps of aquarium decorations and ornaments for you to choose from.

Each of our ornaments are safe and non-toxic. They’re bright and natural at the same time. When decorating your tank, consider your fish’s natural habitat – tropical fish will need something bright like ornamental coral.


Our stock of ruin style aquarium ornaments are perfect for fish tanks. Ruin themed aquariums are popular as they have a ‘lost city of Atlantis’ vibe. The pillar and arch ornaments that we stock resemble rubble of buildings and look great in an underwater landscape.


For a sensational fish aquarium, you’ll find ornaments that resemble tree stumps and driftwood, creating a natural landscape within your fish tank. They also make great decorations for fish who prefer to hide in small nooks.

Sunken Ship

Another popular aquarium theme revolves around the idea of a sunken ship. My Pet Warehouse has sea inspired fish tank décor like an anchor and an old style diver’s helmet.