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Fish Tank Filters for Sparkling Tanks

A clean fish tank means happy fish and happy fish mean a happy fish owner!

Fish tank filters and pumps are a necessary part of an aquarium system. They remove contamination and ensure that the water does not become stagnant.

Reasons for using fish tank filters

Fish tank filters remove harmful fish waste and bacteria from the water in your aquarium. Different types of filters work in different ways however they all have one thing in common – they work to keep the water clean and clear and at an appropriate PH level for your fish.

Coldwater, tropical and marine aquariums all require fish tank filters and pumps.

Types of fish tank filters

There are several types of filters however the most popular types are internal filters, filters that hang on the back of the tank (HOB filters) and canister filters.

Internal filters go inside the tank whereas HOB filters hang outside of the tank. Canister filters are external from your tank and the water is siphoned through tubes to the filtering device.

There are good and bad elements to each filter depending on your fish’s needs, the sizer of your tank and the space you have available.

Buying filters online

Buying a fish tank filter online should be fairly simple. You just need to research the advantages and disadvantages of each type and decide what one is the best for you.

You’ll also need to know the exact size of your tank. To make it easier, with each listed filter we include a recommended tank size to use it with.