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Is your fish famished? Come to us for your fish food!

Fish are beautiful to look at. In fact, it’s one of the many reasons why people like fish as pets. If a fish has a poor diet it will show in his appearance. This is why in order to keep those scales shiny you’ll have to make sure you give them the right fish food to eat.

Goldfish food

We stock several food products online suitable for goldfish. This includes Nutrafin and Tetra Fin Goldfish food.

Within these brands you’ll find variations including fish flakes, fish pellets and crisps.


You’ll also find a huge selection of fish food online for tropical fish. Some of these food products even include colour enhancers. These work to bring out the best colour in your tropical fish.

You’ll also find variations of tropical fish food including fish flakes, fish pellets, crisps and granules.


Pond fish are treated differently to aquarium fish. We stock Tetra Pond, which is the ideal nutrition for pond dwelling fish that need to be fed on a seasonal cycle.


Food for freshwater fish does not provide the right nutrition to marine fish therefore they need marine fish food.

Food Dispensers

A fish food dispenser can be a useful tool. If you work different hours daily or are generally not home to feed your fish, automatic feeders are perfect as they release food on a timer. We stock an automatic food dispenser that releases food on a timer.

If you cannot get someone to look after your fish whilst on holiday we have Tetra Vacation and Tetra Weekend gel blocks. These gel blocks dispense enough food for your fish to eat whilst you are away from home.