Any fin is possible with an automatic fish feeder

Are you always on the go? Do you struggle with feeding your fish on time? It may be time to buy an automatic fish feeder. Simply put, fish feeders help you nourish your scaly school without a human in sight. Forget about bothering your neighbour or relying on a fish sitter, finding the right auto fish feeder will provide them the sustenance they need without going overboard.

Nevertheless, with a number of auto fish feeders available, it can be challenging to find out which one is suited for your aquarium.  

Looking for a reliable holiday fish feeder while you’re on break?

Auto fish feeders come in a variety of sizes, including the 3 day feeder for short getaways and 14 day feeders for longer holidays or intense work periods when you have time for absolutely nothing else. All you need to do is drop the block in their tank and the food will be slowly distributed over the chosen period. Most fish feeders have all the dietary essentials and nutrition requirements to comfortably feed your water babies - some can even feed up to 20 average sized fish - while others contain extras that keep your aquarium clean during your time away. 

Want something with a little bit more control?

Some fish food dispensers are customisable, including both manual and automatic settings suited to specific eating regimes and dietary needs. These can be programmed to feed your finned family members up to five times a day, right down to the amount of portions per feed - perfect for serious aquarium enthusiasts or fish with very detailed requirements.

Installing an automatic fish feeder can be beneficial to their health and wellbeing - particularly when your next door neighbour sometimes forgets or overfeeds your fishy friends.

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