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Keep your water warm with our wonderful fish tank heaters

Tropical fish must be kept in warm temperatures ranging from around 25°C to 30°C.Without a warm water temperature they will not be able to survive. Other types of fish and coral also need warm temperatures to live.

My Pet Warehouse stocks a few different types of fish tank heaters that you can use to warm your aquarium.

Types of aquarium heaters

Fish heating solutions include hang on tank heaters, fully submersible heaters and substrate heaters.

Hang on heaters attach to the side of your fish tank. They are inexpensive however the heater control unit cannot be submerged in water.

A submersible fish tank heater can be fully submerged in the water of your tank. This means it can be positioned in a discrete place at the back of your fish tank.

Substrate heaters are even more discrete as they can be hidden under the gravel layer of your tank. These are beneficial for small tanks however small substrate heaters are not big enough to heat a large tank.

Choosing a fish tank heater

The size of your heater depends on the size of your aquarium.

If possible, buy the largest size that you can fit in your tank. This will ensure that your heater will efficiently heat the fish tank. You must remember, however, that the heater element is completely in the water otherwise it will break down.

Fish tanks that are very large may need more than one fish tank heater to warm the water to the right temperature. You can check the temperature of your water by putting a thermometer in your fish tank.

We stock fish tank thermometers in our online store. This includes a floating thermometer and a thermometer that attaches onto the glass tank.