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Aquarium lighting for fantastic fish and perky plants

Fish tank lights and hoods don’t just look snazzy: They are practical accessories for your fish tank. They help to keep both your fish and live plants healthy.

You’ll find fish tank hoods and aquarium lighting at My Pet Warehouse.

Benefits of a fish tank hood

Covering the top of your fish tank is beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it stops your fish from jumping out.

Certain types of fish are more prone to jump than others. Both Bettas and Guppies have a tendency to jump out of aquariums and would benefit from an enclosed fish tank. There is also the possibility that any fish might jump out of the water after being agitate by other fish in the tank.

Another benefit of covering the top of your fish tank is that nothing foreign can fall in. This includes large objects and pollutants such as air freshener or cooking smoke. It also has the fantastic ability of keeping out little feline paws.

It also reduces the noise of fish tank pumps and helps to reduce evaporation.

Benefits of a fish tank lighting

Aquarium lighting is especially important if you keep live plants or coral in your tank. Without lights live plants will not survive.

On another note, fish tank lights will make your fish look fantastic!

We have different types of fish tank lights for sale. This includes LED lights and aquarium lighting bulbs.

Also don’t forget that fish tank lights will affect the rate at which algae grows, so you’ll have to schedule a routine tank clean.