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Tend to your live plants with aquarium plant care products

We stock a range of synthetic plants at My Pet Warehouse. They’re easy to maintain, sterile and look just like the real thing. But they’re not…

No synthetic plant can compare to a luscious aquarium garden full of live plants that sway in the current. Live plants also give fish owners something else to be proud of. This is because maintaining them isn’t easy.

Aquarium plant care products

In our online store, we stock API Leaf Zone. It is a fish tank plant care product formulated for naturally planted aquariums. Leaf Zone promotes the growth of aquatic plants and contains chelated iron and potassium.

These two ingredients are included to encourage lush, green leaves. Leaf Zone is absorbed rapidly by live plants in your aquarium and is the ideal aquarium plant care product for your aquarium garden.

Benefits of live aquarium plants

Live plants help with aeration. This is because they provide your fish with oxygen through photosynthesis.

They also provide a natural form of filtration. Plants can help to absorb chemicals that are dangerous to fish and provide a place for good bacteria to thrive.

Algae can also be prevented by your aquarium garden since the plants use up all of the nutrients in the water, meaning there is none left for algae to consume.