Greenies dental treats stops bad breath in its tracks

There’s no quicker way to break apart a good pet snuggle than bad breath. Not only is it a real cuddle mood-killer, it can be a sign of oral health problems. Shaped like a doggy dental brush meets delicious bone, Greenies for dogs and cats will help look after your furry friend’s oral health and help combat pet halitosis. 

Whether you’re looking to treat your feline friend or pamper your pooch, browse Greenies Australia wide and get your pet’s dental care delivered right to your door. Then you can get back to enjoying cuddles all day long.

Greenies dog treats will have your pup smiling ear-to-ear

Greenies dog chews don’t just taste great, they’re also the perfect nutritional treat. With added vitamins and minerals they also help maintain your canine’s dental health. The texture of Greenies dog dental chews reduces tartar and plaque build up by encouraging chewing. Plus, they come in a range of sizes with Greenies for puppies and smaller breeds and in of flavours that will leave even the fussiest of pups drooling for more. 

Get some feline Greenies into your kitty 

Our feline friends may be masters of grooming themselves, but every now and then they need a helping hand. While your cat takes care of their coat, Greenies for cats will look after their dental health. Greenies cat chews come in a wide range of flavours including traditional recipes like tuna, salmon and chicken, as well as crowd favourite Catnip which will leave them in a happy daze. 

With a chewy texture that cats love, Greenies dental chews will help combat nasty acteria while reducing tartar and plaque build-up, as well as maintaining overall dental health. Greenies cat chews are packed full of vitamins and minerals with a taste that will have your feline friends meowing for more.

Greenies FAQ

How exactly do Greenies dental treats improve my pet’s dental health?

It’s all about the chew! When your pet sinks their teeth into the chewy treats, the surface of the tooth will scrape and rub, reducing the plaque and tartar build up.

Why is dental care so important for my pets?

The dental health of your cat or dog can impact their overall health. In a worse case scenario, bacteria from rotten teeth can get into your pet’s blood stream and contribute to other health problems.

What is the best way to take care of my dog’s teeth?

Much like humans, daily brushing is the best way to maintain your dog’s teeth. You can also catch problems before they become too big, by taking your pooch into the vet once a year for an oral exam.

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