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Hill's Prescription Diet Dog Food, A/D Canine & Feline Critical Care, 156g

This recovery dog food (also suitable for cats) is purely for those pets who are recovering from serious illness, accident or surgery. The reason why they require a different diet is because of metabolic changes when recovering.

The body is stressed and challenged to maintain its natural defences. Often lean muscle mass is spared, making it important to feed the correct food during this time. It provides cats and dogs with an appetising, easy to eat food with the extra energy and nutrients that they need. This benefits your pet in the following ways:
  • Contains easily digestible ingredients and extra calories that are needed.
  • Easily digested proteins encourage the healing of tissue and wounds.
  • Increased level of potassium to avoid dangerous depletion of this mineral during recovery.
  • Soft consistency allows for easy feeding via alternative methods - spoon, syringe, bowl or feeding tube.
Why buy prescription pet food online?

Your vet may have suggested that you feed a prescription diet to your pet and of course you agreed because you'll do anything to keep her healthy! A few months go by and you start to realise that it's costing a lot more than you thought it would.

At My Pet Warehouse, you'll find the same quality veterinarian pet food at lower prices. Not to mention, when you buy online it's conveniently delivered to your door.

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