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Hill's Prescription Diet Dog Food, L/D Canine Hepatic Health, 7.98kg 

This Hepatic Health dog food from Hill's Prescription Diet offer support for your dog's liver in a palatable dry food. The liver has multiple functions, which include digestion, conversion of nutrients, removal of toxic substances and the storage of vitamins and minerals. Remarkably this organ has the ability to repair and regenerate itself, making the right nutrition important.

Some dogs develop liver damage because of toxins, age or prescription medication. In these situations this dry food vet diet can support the liver in these ways:
  • Only high quality and easily digested proteins are used to help reduce liver workload and improve function.
  • L-Carnitine helps to maintain the normal metabolism of fat  in the liver.
  • Added vitamin E and vitamin C to encourage a healthy immune system.
  • Reduced sodium levels for ideal blood pressure levels.
Why buy prescription dog food online?

You may have had a recommendation from your vet to feed this specific prescription diet to your dog and of course you agreed. After all, you only want the best for your pooch. A few months of purchasing this food go by and you realise that it's costing a lot more than you thought it would.

Here, at My Pet Warehouse, you'll find the same quality veterinarian pet food but at lower prices. Not to mention, when you buy online it is conveniently delivered to your door or you can choose to collect it from your local store.

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