Improve your pet’s quality of life with Hills Prescription Diet

If your pet has been recently diagnosed with a life changing medical condition, specialised nutritional support can make all the difference to improving their quality of life. Hill’s prescription diet for cats and dogs, provides a range of therapeutic pet foods designed to improve your pet’s condition by caring for their individual nutritional needs.

Get Rover recovered with a Hills prescription diet for dogs

The time following your dog’s diagnosis can be stressful - nobody wants to see their pet struggle with an unexpected medical condition - but you’re not alone in the sudden onslaught of information. When it comes to their care, Hills prescription diet will ensure you have the support and expertise of over 220 veterinary scientists and nutritionists in your pantry, coming together to deliver a therapeutic nutrition solution for your dog’s individual health issues. Hills prescription diet for dogs can improve a range of canine medical conditions including weight management, mobility, kidney, digestive, urinary, skin and coat health. Premium quality and tasty ingredients all prepared to the highest safety standard, gives you peace of mind that the entire Hill’s prescription diet range is supporting and improving your furry friend’s well-being.

Calm kitty’s ailments with a Hills Prescription Diet for cats

If a medical condition is the cause of your kitty’s sudden crankiness, there is a veterinary approved solution for their immediate needs (although we can’t guarantee an improved mood)!. The Hills Prescription Diet for cats is a range of therapeutic cat foods, clinically tested and proven to give your cat the additional nutritional support they need for specific medical conditions. By using biology based research and working together with veterinary scientists, Hills Prescription Diet for cats has been formulated to aid your cat with weight management, kidney, digestive and urinary function. Food quality and taste is very important in the Hills Prescription Diet, using only the finest ingredients and regular food production checks, gives you peace of mind when feeding your favourite feline.

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Hills Prescription Diet Q&A

What is the difference between the Hills Science Diet and the Prescription Diet?

The Hills prescription diet is a range of specially formulated pet foods clinically proven to provide therapeutic nutrition solutions for a range of specific medical conditions. On the other hand, the Hill’s Science Diet supports the everyday needs of your pet at various stages of their life. Both diets are scientifically backed and designed to improve the health, well-being and longevity of your pet.

What should I feed my senior dog?

Gracefully aging seniors can benefit from the Hill's Prescription Diet b/d Canine. Hills prescription diet b/d canine incorporates omega-3s to protect aging brains cells against free radical damage. Essential nutrients are also added to support healthy heart and kidney and function whilst boosting immunity, vital as your furry friend hits retirement age. Keep your old pal sharp as a tack with Hill's Prescription Diet b/d Canine.

What are the benefits of wet food prescription diet versus other dog foods?

By choosing to feed your dog a Hill’s prescription diet wet dog food, you not only give your dog the benefits of a prescription food diet (hydration, palatability, easy to chew), you also are ensuring optimal and therapeutic nutrition, scientifically formulated and clinically proven to support and aid your dog’s specific medical condition.

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