Optimal Nutrition for Life starts with a Science Diet

When it comes to nutrition, your four legged friends need a diet that will nourish their sensitive systems over the years. Backed by decades of science, Hill’s science diet provides everything your dog and cat needs to thrive at every stage of their life, continuing to lead the way in optimal nutrition for your pet. Support your best friend's health and happiness with Hill’s pet food!

Hill’s dog food for every stage of your dog’s life

From puppies to pooches, Hill’s science diet for dogs is scientifically formulated to benefit your dog through puppy misadventures, simple doggy days to their sleepy senior years, thanks to the essential minerals and necessary vitamins canines need to chase their best lives.  Hill’s science diet for dogs delivers balanced nutrition in a diet your dog will enjoy every day of it’s long and healthy life. 

Even the fussiest feline will love Hills cat food

Expecting nothing short of purfection, cats need a diet that will support their daily needs. From exuberant kittens, to tired old Toms, kitties require a meal plan that delivers optimal health and continued vitality no matter how many lives they lead.  Decades of biological-based research, with tried and tested formulas, has led to the creation of the Hill’s science diet for cats, satisfying all your cat’s nutritional needs. Known to be picky eaters, taste is just as important in science diet cat food which uses only the highest quality and tastiest ingredients, tempting even the fussiest of felines. 

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Hills Science Diet Q&A

Why do vets recommend Hill's Science Diet?

Decades of biology based scientific research has gone into creating the perfect formulas for your pet’s diet. Developed using the expertise of over 220 vets, scientists and pet nutritionists, the range of Hill’s Science Diet pet foods tick all nutritional boxes needed to ensure long lasting health for your pet. 

Do I need a prescription for Hill's Science Diet?

Whilst Hill’s Science Diet is available through most veterinary clinics, you can easily find and buy the Hill’s Science Diet range right here at My Pet Warehouse. 

Does the Science Diet cause gas in dogs?

A sudden change in your dog’s diet can cause gas. When you switch to Hill’s Science Diet dog food, follow the recommendations on the label to ease your dog’s digestive system into a new mix of ingredients. If gas continues it may be a food sensitivity, in which case, talk to your vet and check out the Hill’s Prescription Diet Digestive Care range. 

How do I transition from one dog food to another?

To reduce digestive discomfort gradually transition from your current dog food to a Hill’s Science diet. As you start to get to the last few weeks of your current dog food supply, split the serving by adding in ¼, then ½  of Hill’s Science Diet incrementally each week, until you have transitioned to a full serving of Hill’s Science Diet. 

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