Natural and healthy, Holistic Select is more than a food – it’s all about a healthy lifestyle for your dog and cat. Made with quality ingredients, Holistic Select supports your dog’s wellbeing. Best of all it has a delicious meaty flavour that every cat and dog will drool over.

Holistic Select doesn’t just cater for adult dogs, there’s dry and wet food available specifically for senior pets, puppies, kittens and large breed dogs in the range. Grain free options are available for a totally natural feeding approach. The range is so extensive, you’re bound to find something that suits your cat or dog’s nutritional needs.

The key ingredients used in every Holistic Select recipe include alfalfa, garlic, blueberries, cranberries, carrots, kelp, papaya, pumpkin and potatoes just to name a few. When you check the contents on the back of the bag you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many wholesome ingredients are inside.

Both the dry and wet food in the Holistic Select range are full of natural fibre and digestive enzymes to keep your pet’s insides healthy. When they’re happy on the inside, you’ll see the difference on the outside!

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