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Gallop into My Pet Warehouse for your horse health supplies

As a horse or pony owner, you’ll regularly check your animal for any signs of distress but sometimes it’s difficult to tell if they are having issues.Horses are strong animals and are incredibly good at hiding illnesses or injuries.

My Pet Warehouse stock a small number of useful equine supplies online that can help you deal with some common horse health issues.

Fly repellent for horses

You know how annoying flies can be. They ruin picnics by landing on sandwiches and buzz into your mouth during a bike ride. They can drive you crazy, but at least you can seek refuge inside your house.

Horses on the other hand are exposed to flies night and day. Some flies bite and cause welts on skin whilst others are attracted to the moisture around eyes and nostrils. Face flies can irritate horse’s eyes and cause conjunctivitis.

Horse flies, mosquitos and bot flies are detrimental to horse health. They’ll bite and even lay eggs on your animal. The best way to prevent irritation from flies is to get your hands on a fly repellent for horses.

You’ll find insecticidal fly spray for horses in our online store.

Horse supplements

My Pet warehouse stock Livamol for horses. The Livamol horse supplement is the ideal horse feed to give to your show horses and ponies.

It is a molasses and protein meal supplement for horses, which will improve your horse’s coat and general health.Horse feed supplements, like Livamol, are also suitable to feed to horses recovering from illnesses or injuries.

In addition to horse feed, supplements such as Hoof Aid and Pottie’s Promotor can add extra vitamins and minerals to your horse’s diet.

And remember – ordering equine supplies online is easy and shipping is fast so you won’t have to wait fur-long!