Ivory Coat offers Australians a selection of ultra-premium food solutions for their dog as well as tasty treats and fabulous grooming solutions. There’s a range of scrumptious dry foods with delectable flavours like Turkey and Duck or Lamb and Kangaroo – your dog will truly be spoilt for choice! Each pack of food caters for dogs of all ages, from puppy food to senior food, Ivory Coat have got them covered.

The dry food range is full of protein from quality meat, antioxidants from forest berries and omegas 3 & 6 for a high energy mix. They’re all free of wheat, corn, rice, soy, meat by products and artificial colours, so it’s only got the good stuff inside. Ivory Coat are so adamant that their dog food is natural, they challenge you to compare the top 5 ingredients in their food to the foods you would eat daily – it is that natural.

Within their unique range of grooming products you’ll find their popular shampoos, each with a divine aroma. Every shampoo is specifically made to help your dog with maintaining the shiniest of coats while still being kind on sensitive coats. There’s also a puppy shampoo in the range to cater for the littlest of doggies.

Ivory Coat’s treats include bite sized bone biscuits, suitable for all doggies in delicious flavours like Roast Lamb or Duck Liver. Ideal for training or just a well-deserved reward, these treats are healthy and full of wholesome flavour.

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