KONG - More than your average chew toy

When mechanic Joe Markham became absolutely frustrated at Fritz, his police trained dog, for chewing on anything and everything to a point where his teeth were losing their shape, he started chucking car parts near Fritz to deter him away from the area. Just like that out of sheer luck, Fritz fell in love with one of the rubber suspension parts. He picked it up and ran straight to Joe, ready to play with him.

There started the rise of the beauty of KONG and the realm of dog toys had a new and revolutionary player. Making their own rubber, one that has proved to be of optimum softness for puppies and dogs alike, their products passionately boast their unique flair of originality.

If you don’t know KONG by name, you’ll know KONG by shape! The famous KONG toys are incredible for letting your dog get their CHEW on. They’re innovative, interactive and very durable toys. These toys will give your dog a real boredom buster. You can enhance their playtime using treats, spreads and kibble to try a play-and-reward toy.

Get stuffed!

That's right - KONG also offers treats that are compatible with their toys, adding an extra level of reward, skill and fun to playtime. You can stuff your KONG toys with spreads and treats to encourage active playtime and exercise with your dog.

If your dog loves a game of fetch, or simply just wants to chew, KONG toys are versatile and can be used in any way they want to play. Their durable rubber composition is ideal for even the roughest of chewers. Check out the black range of KONG toys which indicate the strongest quality rubber for heavy gnawers like Staffies, Pointers and German Shepherds.

Kitty KONG

Don’t for a second think that your cat’s going to miss out on the fun! KONG’s selection of cat toys range from kickers to wobblers, toys that are guaranteed to keep your cat entertained for hours. Plus did we mention catnip infused? Only the good stuff here for your cat. Forget the pom pom toys and cheap cat teasers, KONG cat toys are quality made and tested among cats worldwide.


What is a KONG made of?

KONG toys are made with BPA free materials, they’re non-toxic and safe to let your dog play with. KONG uses their own KONG Classic rubber which is durable and purpose made to take on chewing and throwing.

Are KONGs messy?

Giving your dog a KONG toy to play with, without any fillings or stuffers is not messy at all. Playtime will get messy when you fill the toy with spreads, treats or kibble, so it’s better to do this when they’re outdoors to avoid cleaning up.

What can you put in a KONG toy?

You can put anything in a KONG toy that’s safe for your dog to eat! KONG sells their own range of spreads and treats that are compatible with the toy. You can also use their kibble, treats or spreads to keep them. It’s really easy to clean the KONG too after playtime – use mild soapy water, rinse out the toy thoroughly and let it dry before allowing your dog to play with it again.

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