Meet Meals for Mutts

If Meals for Mutts was a movie, it would be a cult classic. When you know about the importance of pet nutrition, good wholesome recipes and tasty kibble then you know about Meals for Mutts. Catering for pets of all life stages and nutritional needs, Meals for Mutts is trusted by pet owners all around Australia.

Meals for Mutts is Meals for Meow’s canine equivalent. If you’ve been feeding your cat Meals for Meows and are pleased with the results you’ve been seeing, you’ll want your dog to reap the same benefits. Change them to Meals for Mutts now and reward them with a food that caters to their every need.

What's all the hype about? Why is Meals for Mutts so good?

A super-premium, holistic diet, Meals for Mutts has been developed by in-house nutritionists and food scientists for over 40 years. None of their foods contain any wheat, corn, artificial colours, flavours, by-products or preservatives. It’s vet approved and rich in all the right nutrients. Specialising in grain free, holistic and organic dog food, this is a balanced and holistic pet food that is super delicious and highly palatable – Meals for Mutts is truly a dinnertime favourite. From single protein dog food, high performance athletic dog food to puppy food, Meals for Mutts has it covered.

Australian made with local ingredients, Meals for Mutts is organic, so it has plenty of nutritional benefits for pets with pre-existing dietary requirements. Dogs with skin problems, decreased energy or skin irritations have all benefited from eating Meals for Mutts food. If your dog has constipation or stool inconsistency, many pet owners have reported improvements after changing their diet to a Meals for Mutts food. It’s full of all the good stuff they need to stay healthy and strong. It’s the nutrition they need to keep up with your busy lifestyle. There’s plenty of yummy flavours in their range including grain free variations like Salmon & Sardine, Turkey and Kangaroo & Lamb – there’s bound to be something in the range they’ll come bounding for!

Trusted, quality dog food

You can trust this dog food, because it’s made sustainably and to high standards. Meals for Mutts uses fair trade raw ingredients that are sourced locally to make the best dog food. It’s sealed in foiled packaging so that there’s no chance of oxidation in the food. Meaning safe and delicious food for your dog.

Changing them to a Meals for Mutts diet will likely play a part in contributing to their overall wellbeing, immunity, longevity and lifestyle. It's one of our most popular brands for a reason. Try it out today and see the difference.


Is Meals for Mutts Grain Free better for dogs?

We never say one food is better than another. Instead, consider what your dog needs out of their food. Just like you may have different nutritional needs to your friends, dogs are the same! Does your dog have a patchy coat? Are they struggling to maintain weight? Maybe they suffer from constant diarrhoea? These are potential signs of gluten or grain intolerences in your dog and a grain free food like Meals for Mutts could better support them nutritionally. Meals for Mutts is also hypoallergenic so it's free from common allergens like wheat, corn and other fillers. It's highly digestible and most importantly a natural and organic dog food.

Where is Meals for Mutts made?

Meals for Mutts is made in Australia. It's an Australian made dog food that uses ingredients sourced solely from local producers. Their recipes are crafted right here in Australia and approved by nutritionists.

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