choosing the best brush for your cat

There are plenty of different grooming tools for cats and choosing the right brush for your cat can be confusing. The best cat brush or comb is one that suits the texture and length of your cat’s coat. For shedding problems you may need a cat deshedding tool but if you wish to prevent tangles, a comb may be what you need.

Even though cats spend a lot of time groomingthemselves, from time to time they need a helping hand. Most cats don’t mind being brushed plus it will help prevent hairballs caused by ingesting hair.

Have a look at our cat grooming tool guide to find something that suits your needs.



Grooming Slicker brush for cats

Slicker brush for cats

A slicker brush for cats is a great basic cat grooming tool. It is suitable for all hair types however you must be careful not to scratch your cat’s skin with the metal tines. It is also wise to be gentle on long-haired cats as vigorous use could cause hair breakage.

This type of brush removes tangles, smooths the fur and spreads the natural oils through the coat, creating shine.

Grooming Moulting comb for cats

Moulting comb for cats

A moulting comb for cats can be used on any coat type however it is extremely useful for long-haired cats. Regular use detangles the coat and prevents mats from forming. This type of comb features two different pin lengths. The longer teeth go through the top coat to detangle knots and remove the undercoat whilst the shorter pins help to gather the loose fur.

Grooming Bristle brush for cats

Bristle brush for cats

Cats with short, sleek hair can often be groomed with a bristle brush alone whereas for longer/thicker haired kitties it makes a great finishing brush. The soft bristles of this cat brush smooth the coat and leave it nice and shiny.

Grooming Moulting comb for cats

Rubber brush for cats

Some cats seem to hate the mere sight of a brush or comb. If you have one of these cats then a rubber brush may be for you! These brushes feel completely different compared with the metal teeth or bristles of other cat grooming tools.

Rubber nubs help to massage the skin and distribute healthy oils for a shiny coat. It also helps to remove loose hair in shedding cats as the texture of the rubber gently removes the fur. The Kong Zoom Groom for cats is a rubber brush that fits in the palm of your hand; so your cat won’t even see it coming.

Grooming Flea comb for cats

Flea comb for cats

The teeth on cat flea combs are very close together, which ensures that fleas, flea dirt and eggs are removed from your cat’s fur. Flea combs can be used on all cats however you must be careful not to cause breakage to long hair.

When using a flea comb as natural flea treatment swirl the comb in hot soapy water in between strokes. This will stop fleas from escaping and reinfesting your cat.

Grooming Pin brush for cats

Pin brush for cats

Pin brushes for cats help to remove knots and tangles in fur to prevent matting. The pins easily go through long fur to carefully comb and neaten the coat. It is a good every day brush to use for all coats, especially medium and long hair.

Grooming Double sided brush for cats

Double sided brush for cats

The dual sides make this cat brush useful for all types of cats. This is very useful if you have a multiple cat household. A double sided brush features one side with pins for detangling hair and one side with bristles for smoothing the coat and adding shine.

Grooming Comb for cats

Grooming comb for cats

A grooming comb can help you to delicately untangle knots in long hair without causing too much breakage to the coat. The teeth of a grooming comb are further apart than a flea comb to allow hair to pass through easily.

Look for a comb with large spaced teeth for long and thick hair and narrower spaced teeth for short hair.



To keep grooming a positive experience it’s important to match the tool to your needs. This will make grooming sessions with your cat an enjoyable experience. After all it’s a great chance to bond with your pet and keeps their coat in good condition.

Do you have any advice to share on brushing your cat? Tell us your tips in the comments box below!

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