how to give a cat a tablet part 2

Okay we've shown you with my own cat, who's a bit of a difficult cat, how hard it can sometimes be even for the vet to give a tablet to a cat.

Now if the vet says to give it medication morning and night for seven days, that can be very stressful for lot of people, here's another technique that I find works.

In most cases. What you need is a bit of paper, you've got the tablet, you also need, believe it or not, one of these, and the final thing you need is some butter, or margarine.

What you do, it's pretty simple, you hit the tablet with a hammer, this is something your husband could probably could do, or you could do it yourself.

See how I've just crushed it? It's pretty simple, then you grab some butter, and then you mix the medication with the butter, then you smear it across your cats lips or, on his forearm and they're very fastidious animals, he'll lick it off. Job done, and you can do that morning and night for the next seven days, so that's another technique you can use.

Posted by My Pet Warehouse