how do dogs get fleas

As a dog owner, you may feel like you are fighting a losing battle in the prevention against fleas. No matter how hard you try - they always find a way of getting onto your pooch, and into your home! As a dog owner you may have wondered to yourself, how do dogs get fleas?

Does my dog have fleas? - Signs to look out for

  • You see them in your house - this may seem obvious. But examining the area in which your dog spends most of the time in the home, would be a good first start. These are tiny dark critters
  • Scabs or sores - if your dog is excessively licking a wound or a scab. You are best off going in for a closer look which might uncover the fleas.
  • Dog shaking their head - Fleas like to hide in warm, damp places - and your dog's ear canal fits the bill perfectly. At this point, it might be worth bringing your dog to the vet, who will have the tools required for a closer look!
How Dogs Get Fleas

Backyard Wildlife

Unless you cover your yard with a giant cage, it is very difficult to keep wildlife and other animals out of your backyard. However, there are ways to reduce the amount of visitors. It is important not to leave out any scraps, nuts, seeds or food of any description, even a water bowl might entice some wildlife. In addition, remove any areas in your yard that might be seen as comfortable to a wild, or stray cat.

Visits To The Kennel

If you have had to leave your dog in a kennel for whatever reason, then there is a high risk that your dog could be exposed to areas where dogs with fleas could have been. If you are going on holidays, or need to leave your dog in an emergency, leaving your dog with a relative or neighbour would be your safest option.


Yes even you can give your dog fleas. There are a number of activities humans engage in where fleas can latch on to certain items of your clothing.

  • Patting other dogs
  • Walking or hiking in certain areas
  • Other humans transferring to you

Other Dogs

At the very least, when you venture out on your daily walk, you're likely to cross paths with other dogs. This could be the perfect time for these pesky hosts to transport to your dog.

Trips To The Vet

Wherever there are other animals, there is always a risk of your dog catching fleas, yes, even the vet's clinic. You would expect a vet's surgery to have a very high level of hygiene, the waiting room on the other hand - not so much.

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