how to give a dog a tablet

Hi I'm Dr Rod from the Village Vet In Toorak. I'm here today just to show you some simple ways of how to give tablets to dogs and cats, dogs are the easy one's. This is my little dog Missy, she's a very happy little person and I got a tablet here today, it's actually a play tablet, we're going to use that because she doesn't need any medication.

Obviously you take it out of its container. Giving a tablet to a dog is a relaxed thing you have to have a relaxed mindset, it's not a thing of aggression so if one strategy doesn't work you can always go to another, now in Missy's case, one thing you don't want to do is shove it down her mouth. Shove is such an emotive word, its more about giving, so its focusing on giving rather than shoving.

So it's a gentle thing and if you go gently with most dogs they'll respond, so she's a bit worried, she's a bit nervous. This is an unusual environment for her, even though she's a vet's dog, she rarely comes to the vet clinic.

How you do this is gently just open her mouth and put the tablet at the back, and then over the back of the tongue, and there it is.

Just to go through the principles, you open the mouth gently, push your finger over the back of her tongue and push the tablet over the back and they swallow, you can hold her head up a little bit, that sometimes helps, but what I often find happens for people when they're learning to do this is, they think the dog has swallowed the tablet, and then a minute or two later somebody says, well what's that? The dog has just quietly spat it out. They tend to do it through the edge here.

What you can also do is mix this little tablet with some food, butter for example, or something yummy and then, break it up into small pieces, feed your dog a little bit of meat, and then get the tablet into the meat.

Many people say, ha my dogs will wake up to that but, what you can do is hit the table with a hammer mix with some butter and put it at the back of their throat again or on their food.

Now if you find this doesn't work for you, give your vet a call, he'll have some other strategies but these are the ones I find work for most people at home.

Posted by My Pet Warehouse