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What To Expect at The Dog Lovers Show Sydney PLUS the Chance to Win 1 of 7 Double Passes to the Show!

The name says it all really – The Dog Lovers Show is all about dogs and the people who love them! Having been at the Melbourne show, we thought we’d show you our favourite parts and give you a glimpse of what the Sydney show will be like.

First of all, take a look at these crazy statistics about the Melbourne event held last May:

  • 600+ dogs on show.
  • 20,492 dog-loving visitors in 3 days.
  • Over 250 exhibitors including pet products, pet stores, animal welfare groups and breeders.
  • 96% of visitors owned a dog or were looking to acquire a dog in the near future.

*Statistics from the Dog Lovers Show Prospectus and Visitor Research Results

After its second successful year in Melbourne, the ‘Festival of the Pooch’ is now making its way to Sydney for the first time ever!

The Dog Lovers Show event in Melbourne 2014

The My Pet Warehouse stand at the Dog Lovers Show in Melbourne 2014

Things to do when you're there

For the ‘pups’

There’s a lot for kids to see and do at the Dog Lovers Show including free doggy face painting and performances from Dr Katrina Warren and the Wonderdogs. There will also be an oversized puppy playpen in the Pat-A-Pooch zone where visitors will be able to stroke and interact with heaps of pooches!

Dogs having funs at the Dog Lovers Show event in Melbourne 2014

For the future dog owner

If you are looking to welcome a bundle of fur into your home, stop off at the Perfect Match feature. Experts will be on hand to help you find the ‘best-fit’ breed for you by asking a series of comprehensive questions. It doesn’t matter if you are a young family with children, have a huge backyard or live in an apartment: There’s a dog out there for you!

Just under 40 different dog breeds will be on show in the Royal Canin Breed Showcase.From large to small…from fluffy to smooth… come here to talk to reputable breed clubs and representatives from Dogs NSW.

Some of the breeds on display at the Dog Lovers Show event in Melbourne 2014

For the student

Take part in interactive educational seminars with dog behaviourists and nutritional experts. It’s a great chance to learn how to be an even better pet parent.

If you are looking for advice on training your dog, Ask-A-Trainer features experts from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. They’ll be available to give you tips and advice on dog training.

Expert advice is available at the Dog Lovers Show

For the wannabe vet

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a vet, you have to check out the Kong Celebrity Vet Stage. Here you’ll be able to watch seminars and interactive demonstrations from Australia’s top vets including Dr Katrina Warren and Dr Josie Gollan.

Expert advice is available at the Dog Lovers Show

For the animal welfare warriors

Visit the Canidae Rescue Dog Zone and meet some wonderful woofers that are up for adoption in NSW. If you are looking to adopt a dog you can ask what’s involved and how to go about it. Of course there will also be information on how you can volunteer or support the various animal welfare organisations in your area.

Visit the Canidae Rescue Dog Zone for adoption options

For those ahead of the crowd

Test out and buy some of the newest pet products around and take advantage of Christmas show specials.

View the newest pet products available and have some fun at the same time!

For those who want to be entertained

The Rose-Hip Vital Main Arena has a variety of high performance acts from talented dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds.

Want to see dogs launch themselves as far as possible into a massive pool of water? You’re in luck! Dock Dogs is a canine aquatic sport and on the day pooches will be competing for their place in the world rankings.

Dog competing at the Dog Lovers Show in Melbourne 2014

Location and date

Date: Friday 7th - Sunday 9th November 2014, 10am – 5pm

Location: The show will be held at the Royal Hall of Industries &Hordern Pavilion. This venue is in the Moore Park precinct next to Fox Studios Australia roughly 10 minutes from Sydney CBD. For details on how to get here by public transport and car please visit the Dog Lovers Show website.

Tickets: You can purchase tickets online here or at the door.

Top 5 Tips for the Dog Lovers Show

  1. Book your tickets
  2. We suggest booking tickets to the show online before you go. There were long queues at the Melbourne show and you don’t want to get stuck waiting in line, especially if you have kids!

  3. Wear comfy shoes
  4. The show will be bigger than you expect! Wear comfortable shoes so that you can walk around all day and go back to visit stalls or dog breeds you may have missed the first time.

  5. Take allergy medication if you suffer from allergies
  6. Don’t let something silly like an allergy to dogs spoil your day! If you know that you are allergic to dogs but can’t resist the tail-wagging fun, then ensure you take antihistamine or your allergy medication.

    Likewise if you are asthmatic, don’t forget to bring your inhaler as your asthma could be aggravated by all the pooches.

  7. Bring your camera
  8. You might not want to take photos of every exhibitor’s stand but there are plenty of other great photo opportunities throughout the day. In particular, the jaw dropping dog tricks and performances.

    Plus, if you ask the breeders nicely they’ll let you take a selfie with the dogs in the Dog Breed Showcase.

  9. Study the itinerary of the day
  10. You’ll find that there are regular performances, once-off seminars and shows throughout the day. Make sure you look at your itinerary and make a plan so that you don’t miss out on the things you really want to see.

Top 5 Tips when attending the Dog Lovers Show

If you have a dog at home, want a dog or just love dogs – The Dog Lovers Show Sydney is for you! Book tickets for your whole family and come for a fun, family-friendly day out. Oh, and don’t forget to sniff us out the My Pet Warehouse stand!

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Photos: Rebecca Houlden

Posted by Amy Wise