There's a fresh new look coming to your Hill's Science Diet food

In the coming months you will begin to notice changes across both our 'Everyday' and 'Specialty' ranges of Hill's Science Diet wet and dry dog and cat foods.

As always Hill's Science Diet covers off on the most advanced nutrition for cats and dogs of all life stages. The new look packaging makes it easier to store your food and find the bag you need at a glance.


We’ve made it easier to spot our products while continuing to provide the nutrition your pet loves.


We’ve simplified many of our product names. See if your pet’s food has a new name in the below link.


Some of our pet food has a new kibble shape to add a more satisfying texture to every bit.


We’ve upgraded some formulas and recommend transitioning your pet’s food. See package feeding guide for details.

Want to learn more about the changes happening across the range of Hill's pet food? Check out the Hill's Science Diet website to learn more and see what your food will look like the next time you order.

Please note: A large number of formulas have been upgraded and Hill's has recommended that you start transitioning your pet’s food. For full transitional advice please see packaging feeding guide, or refer to the Hill's Science Diet website for a comprehensive list of effected products.

Original Formula New Upgraded Formula Transition
Feline Adult 11+ Chicken Feline Adult 7+ Ocean Fish Recommended
SD Kitten Chicken Kitten Tender Dinners Chicken Recommended
SD Feline HBC Adult Chicken Feline Adult Urinary Hairball Control Recommended
SD Feline Adult Gourmet Feline Adult Ocean Fish Entree Recommended
Canine Adult 11+ Small and Toy Breed Age Defying Canine Adult 11+ Small Paws Recommended
SD TD Feline Mature Adult Chicken Feline Adult 7+ Healthy Cuisine Chicken & Rice Medley Recommended
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Sample list only - please see above for a complete list.