Nexgard to the rescue

Being in a league of their own, NexGard and NexGard Spectra is the “next-gen protection” for dogs that eliminates all existing fleas and ticks within 8 hours of administering. Getting them before they can lay eggs and providing an army to attack future infestations, the guards set up by a single dose of NexGard last for an entire month. It comes in the form of a chewable tablet that has been infused with beef flavour to alert dogs of its yumminess!

Nexgard FAQ

What is the difference between NexGard and NexGard Spectra?

While NexGard will protect dogs against brown dog ticks, bush ticks and paralysis ticks, the difference between the two is that NexGard Spectra contains an additional ingredient which will provides protection against heartworm and intestinal worms.

How often should NexGard be given?

NexGard can be given to your dog monthly. Because it's the shape and flavour of a small treat, it's easy to feed your dog and simple to remember.

Can I get NexGard without a prescription?How often should NexGard be given?

NexGard and NexGard Spectra do not need a prescription - they're over the counter treatments. Of course you can buy them right here online and have them delivered straight to your doggy door too.

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