Stamp out fleas and ticks with NexGard

Let your pup enjoy their playtimes with other dogs without worrying about fleas and ticks hitching a ride home with NexGard dog. Offering month-long protection, NexGard chewables will make sure your dog stays itch-free and protected against other nasties like ticks and mites. NexGard tablets come in a tasty beef flavour and are easily hidden in food or given as a treat. 

Choose from a range of products to suit their age and weight, and snap up a bargain with NexGard for dogs cheap online. 

NexGard for dogs eliminates fleas quickly 

Fleas are somewhat of an arch-nemesis for dogs and dog owners alike. The pesky insects can jump from a pup they meet or a wild animal your dog discovers on their walk. 

NexGard flea and tick treatment knocks over adult fleas before they have the chance to lay eggs, stopping the life cycle in its tracks. The tablets work to kill most fleas within 8 hours. 

A NexGard chew can also be used as a preventative measure so that your pooch can avoid any re-infestations and nasty reactions like flea allergy dermatitis, which causes intense scratching, hair loss and red, flaky skin. 

NexGard will protect your doggo from ticks

NexGard flea and tick for dogs will protect your pups from ticks. More than an annoying pest, ticks can cause severe illness and even be fatal. The bite-sized chews kill and control brown dog and bush ticks, so that your pup can run through long-grass without worrying about picking anything up. 

It also offers protection against the deadly paralysis tick. After attaching and feeding, this tick will start to produce a toxin that affects your doggo’s nervous system, leading to paralysis and even death in severe cases. NexGard offers peace of mind that your pooch stays safe during their daily walk. 

NexGard tablets also treat ear mites and control sarcoptic and demodectic mange so that your dog remains itch-free all over! 

NexGard for puppies and small dogs 

While there isn’t a specific NexGard puppy tablet, NexGard small dog is suitable for all pups over the age of 8 weeks, weighing more than 2kg. 

Make sure to choose a pack of tablets that suit their weight with treatments catering from little ones weighing between 2 - 4.1kg, all the way up to larger doggos weighing 50kg. 

NexGard FAQ

Is NexGard safe for my dog?

NexGard chews are completely safe for your dog as long as they are over 8 weeks old and weigh over 2kg.

How long does NexGard take to work?

Your pup’s NexGard flea and tick chew kills fleas within 8 hours. Ticks are a little more stubborn, with most ticks dying within 48 hours.

How long does NexGard last?

NexGard lasts for 5 weeks, giving you a week of leeway if you forget a dose.

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