Nexgard Spectra tackles tricky parasites

There’s nothing like the discomfort of irritated skin to interrupt daily playtime. Make sure your pooch is protected against blood-sucking parasites with NexGard Spectra. The tasty chewable tablet conquers fleas, ticks and worms - offering complete protection for your pup. 

Browse NexGard Spectra Australia wide and find the right treatment for your best buddy.  Coming in five different weight ranges, including NexGard Spectra large dog for pups up to 60kg, they’ll be well looked after, regardless of their weight. 

Buy NexGard Spectra online and make sure your pal has complete protection so that they can run and play all day long. 

Fleas are a thing of the past with NexGard Spectra for dogs 

Fleas can cause many skin problems and discomfort with infections often leading to flea allergy dermatitis (a doggy allergic reaction). Protect your furry friend with NexGard Spectra for dogs. 

Absorbed within 4 hours, NexGard Spectra gets to work quickly - taking care of almost every flea on your pooch within 8 hours. Unlike spot-on treatments, NexGard Spectra can be given as a treat or mixed in with food, so that you don’t have to worry about your dog getting wet or washing off the liquid. 

NexGard protects pups against ticks and worms

NexGard Spectra dog chews will get rid of ticks fast, offering protection against Bush ticks and Brown Dog ticks for an entire month; the treatment also guards against the deadly paralysis tick, meaning your doggo is free to live their best life without worrying about long grass. Nexgard isn’t only for ticks or fleas - it takes care of roundworm, hookworm and whipworm too, ensuring these little nasties don’t rob your pup of essential nutrients. Dog owners love its preventive powers against the deadly heartworm disease. 

NexGard Spectra for puppies and small doggos

NexGard Spectra small dog takes care of smaller doggos. With a weight range starting at 2kg, no matter how little your dog is, Nexgard Spectra has them covered, spanning all the way up to big dogs (think 60kg) with NexGard Spectra Medium dog in-between. Dealing with a cheeky devil?  NexGard Spectra puppy is suitable for pups over 8 weeks of age.

NexGard Spectra FAQ

What does NexGard Spectra cover?

NexGard Spectra offers protection against fleas, flea tapeworm, ticks and heartworm, roundworm, hookworm and whipworm.

What is the difference between NexGard and NexGard Spectra?

NexGard protects your doggo from ticks and fleas. NexGard Spectra takes protection a step further, with an additional ingredient that protects against intestinal worms and heartworm.

How often should I give NexGard Spectra to my dog?

You should give your dog a dose every 30 days. So, don’t forget to set a calendar alert to make sure their protection stays up to date!

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