nutrafin max goldfish colour enhancing pellets 40G

nutrafin max goldfish colour enhancing pellets 40G

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Nutrafin Max Goldfish Colour Enhancing Pellets | 40g 

Tasty, nutritious and makes them stand out – the three best ways to describe Nutrafin’s Max Goldfish Colour Enhancing Pellets. Delicious and loaded with spirulina meal for protein, the formula is designed to be a nutritional and balanced food for goldfish to thrive with. Sinking to the bottom, the pellets can also be used to stimulate their natural foraging instincts. 

With the addition of colour enhancers, your aquarium will sparkle with nuggets of gold swimming around filled with joy. More so, the formula includes multi-vitamins and advanced yeast extract for better digestion, making this a well-round nutritional and health supplement. 

Conveniently designed, the container is simple to use and dispenses pellets with ease. 

Net weight: 40g

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