Australian made pet food tailored to your pet’s life stage and lifestyle

Optimum has been a family staple in many Australian households, helping dogs receive all the essential nutrition they need no matter what their life stage or lifestyle.

Developed by nutritionists and vets, Optimum is created by a leading authority on pet care and nutrition, so you know you’re giving your dog a quality made food. The Optimum dry food range for dogs is a naturally complete meal, meaning you don’t need to pair it with other proteins, it’s ready to go! Dinner time, sorted.

Should I feed my dog Optimum?

Scientifically formulated to achieve a perfect balance of carbs, fats and proteins, Optimum has exactly the right nutrients your dog needs and nothing extra. It’s a sure-fire way to ensure they’re keeping their fittest and you can feel confident that they’re getting the right food fuel to power their day to day activities.

Optimum is made right here in Australia, using quality locally sourced ingredients. Don’t worry, there’s no artificial colours or flavours here, your dog will only be eating the good stuff. The best thing about Optimum is how palatable it is – even really fussy dogs will love the flavour of Optimum because it’s been made with real meat.

Frequently Asked Questions about Optimum

Where is Optimum made?

Both wet and dry Optimum food is made in Australia. It's developed by vets and nutritionists using quality, locally farmed ingredients. There's no artificial colours or flavours added either. Because it's made with real meat, it's highly palatable and easily digestible.

Is Optimum good dog food?

Optimum has been created by Waltham Pet Nutrition. They're the leading pre-eminent authority on pet care and nutrition. You can trust the formula has been made to get the best out of your dog. Plus, most importantly it's tasty! Bowls licked clean every time.

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