The X hits the spots with Pedigree Dentastix

Imagine a stray bit of dinner squeezed between your teeth, out of reach and passively annoying… dogs face a similar scenario every day. Because our cute canines have become domesticated, their instinctive way of cleaning their teeth - catching live play - has been eliminated from their daily lives. Enter Pedigree Dentastix.

A healthy and delicious treat for your dog, Dentastix makes it easy for dog owners to prioritise their pet’s oral health, reducing the risk of gum disease and promoting overall canine wellbeing while minimising future vet bills. While your dog bites down on the unique X-shape design, the treat scrapes away plaque build-up and cleans your dog’s down to the gumline. As the saying goes, a Dentastix a day keeps the dentist at bay!

Pedigree Dentastix Q&A

How does Dentastix work?

Sodium Tripolyphosphate and Zinc Sulphate go to work with every bite, as these active Dentastix ingredients help to break down the plaque and tartar build-up in hard to reach places. Remember, you need to ensure that your dog is chewing the treat as opposed to chowing down the treat for it to do its job effectively. The thorough action of chewing the rough texture of the Dentastix is what helps scrape away the nasty plaque build-up by up to 80%.

Are Dentastix good for your dog?

Are Dentastix good for dogs of all shapes and sizes? Absolutely. Developed by nutritionists and veterinarians, Dentastix come in different packs to cater for doggos from all paws of life. They are also low in fat and have no added sugar, making it a healthy treat they can have during the day.

With ingredients such as ground whole corn, animal fat, beef pulp, ground whole wheat and meat and bone meal, you’ll be sure that your dog is getting the support it needs for its teeth, gums and even its tastebuds.

I think my dog ate too many Dentastix – what do I do now?

We get it. Sometimes your cheeky dog can sniff the treats before you even open the Dentastix pack and they end up eating one too many. If this situation does arise, don’t panic. It is the overconsumption of treats in a short period of time which can cause your dog indigestion, blockages, diarrhoea or panting – not the treat themselves. To help them keep moving along, you can feed your dog foods that are rich in fibre such as canned unsalted pumpkin paste or low-fat Greek yoghurt.

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