Petsafe: Training and lifestyle solutions for pet owners

Cut down on noise, please your neighbours and simplify pet ownership with Petsafe Australia. This specialised range of dog and cat training products will help you keep an eye on their comings and goings, minimise spirited barking and begin a training journey between you and your dog that will last a lifetime.

Control barking with a gentle Petsafe bark collar

Aggressive and painful shock collars are old news. Petsafe utilises ultrasonic sounds or spray technology, delivering a humane but defined prompt to help your dog put a pin in excessive and/or loud barking. Effective and respectful, your dog will soon learn how to be a good neighbour with a Petsafe bark collar.

Freedom meets safety with Petsafe doggy doors

Do you feel like your pets personal butler? Petsafe doors allow your dog or cat the freedom to come and go while protecting your house from bad weather. The Petsafe microchip door can be programmed to automatically recognise your cat, preventing any sudden intruders, feline friends popping over or strange animals inviting themselves for dinner.

Petsafe FAQs

Is my PetSafe collar waterproof?

Petsafe bark collars are water resistant - while it shouldn’t be worn swimming, your dog will be able to keep their collar on during bath time or when playing in the rain.

How do I test my PetSafe collar?

How do you test a barking collar when you can’t very well start barking yourself? Start by holding the collar with the light indicator facing up and drag it quickly across a hard surface to activate the vibration sensor and send a stimulation to the bark collar. A red light will confirm that your collar is activating.

How do you reset a PetSafe collar?

Resetting the bark collar to level 1 is very easy. First, turn on the collar by pressing the power button until the green light flashes. Press and hold the same power button, after a few seconds, you should see the light turn red and a beep will signal that the collar has been turned off, keep holding the button until the green light comes back on then release. The green light will flash 5 times, indicating that the collar has been reset to level 1. The collar will automatically turn itself off after reset.

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