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Reptile books can teach you more about ectothermic vertebrae

Reptiles are fascinating creatures. They are a highly diverse group of animals that includes crocodiles, turtles, lizards and snakes. My Pet Warehouse has some great reptile books for sale that can help you learn more about your fascinating pet.

Reptile books aim to teach reptile owners everything about their pet. The books include a history background of the species and the types that are in Australia. You’ll also learn about their nutritional requirements and their ideal habitat.

Reptile books for kids

Snakes and turtles look pretty cool but how their body works is even cooler.

Our reptile books will help kids to understand more about their pet’s fascinating body. They’ll learn how they function and how different they are from other small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs.

Reading books about their pet snake, turtle or lizard will also show kids how important it is to care for reptiles in the right way. It will show them why it’s so important to provide them an ideal habitat.

If you are welcoming a reptile into the family on behalf of a younger family member, why not gift them a reptile book at the same time? That way when they show off their new pet they’ll have some interesting facts to ‘wow’ the other kids with!

Good for adults

These books aren’t just for kids either. If you’ve found yourself being convinced by your son or daughter to adopt a scaly sidekick then you may want to read up on reptile behaviour too.

Understanding the pet’s requirements will help you and your whole family to provide the best care for it.

Reptile books available

My Pet Warehouse stock several reptile books online. Currently we have books on the following Australian reptile species –geckos, bearded dragons, pythons, frogs, long-necked turtles and short-necked turtles.