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Grubs Up in Our Range of Reptile Feeders

Reptile eating habits aren’t for the faint of heart. It’s quite different from opening up a can of cat food. Reptiles thrive on eating whole food sources and most enjoy eating live insects or worms. It may sound a bit much but our reptile feeders will make your job a lot easier.

Reptile feeders

Reptile food can be a bit… interesting. Live crickets and insects are a great treat for your scaly sidekick. They are full of necessary nutrition and are fun for him to chase around the enclosure.

Whilst they may be fun for him to chase, it’s not so enjoyable for you! This is why cricket pens are a useful reptile accessory. They make feeding live insects to your reptile so much easier as they can be loaded into the cricket keeper. They are then released when the feeder is inside the cage avoiding any runaways.

If you don’t fancy feeding your pet live insects then we have the perfect reptile feeding dish for you. We stock a reptile dish that vibrates. It may sound crazy but the vibrations mimic the natural movement of insects and any food placed in the bowl is suddenly irresistible.

Reptile water dishes

A reptile water bowl is quite important. This is why we have a huge range of styles for you to choose from. A water bowl is more than just a place to get a drink. Your pet will also like to sit in the bowl too. This is why it’s a good idea to look for something sturdy that is large enough for your reptile to sit in.

Since these little creatures have a tendency to climb into their bowls you may wish to consider a water dispenser. This type of water feeder gently replaces water into a dish from a separate tank. This minimises contamination of the water. It also means that your pet will always have a supply of water since water evaporates quickly in warm terrariums.