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Make your reptile smile with a clean enclosure

Like all small animals, reptiles rely solely on you to clean their enclosure. Since it is their 24/7 home, it’s important that it is cleaned regularly. To avoid damaging their skin you’ll need a reptile disinfectant. These are designed to eliminate bacteria and mould without upsetting your reptile’s respiratory system.

Reptile disinfectant

You’ll find an appropriate disinfectant in our online store. It is suitable for cleaning the enclosure and reptile enclosure accessories.

After the enclosure has been cleaned of any soiled matter, you can use the disinfectant to safely cleanse the enclosure. This protects your reptile from becoming ill through poor hygiene. It also protects family members from contamination from faeces.

Cleaning the reptile tank

You’ll want to give the enclosure a daily check-up to ensure that there aren’t any leftover bits of food. You can also do a quick poop patrol and clean up any little messes. This will make it easier when you have to do a thorough clean.

You’ll need your reptile disinfectant for the thorough clean. This is when your little buddy and everything come out of the enclosure so you can scrub every last inch.