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Have a ravenous reptile? Come to us for your reptile food!

If you’re looking for turtle or lizard food you’ll find it at My Pet Warehouse. We stock both nutritionally balanced pellets and Exo Terra canned food.

Reptiles are a diverse group of animals and each pet has different nutritional requirements. This is why we aim to stock a range of both insects and pellets so you can provide your pet with everything he needs.

Exo Terra canned food

As an Exo Terra stockist, we have a large range of canned insects available for you to purchase. This includes crickets, mealworms, snails, silkworms and grasshoppers. Exo Terra canned food is one of the most popular brands of reptile food that is trusted by many reptile owners across Australia.

Canned foods are an easy way to feed insects to your turtle, snake or lizard. These insects have been cooked in the can to maintain all of their nutritional value and flavour. Not only will it be a delicious meal it is also more convenient for you than feeding live insects.

This canning process softens the exoskeleton of the insects to make them easier to digest by reptiles. It also breaks down the collagen and protein so it can be easily absorbed in their digestive tract. Exo Terra canned insects have the same nutritional value as live ones, but they’re easier to store and feed.

These canned insects can be used as tortoise, snake, lizard and turtle food.

Reptile food pellets

My Pet Warehouse also stock lizard and turtle pellet food. The pellets are designed to provide your pet with a completely balanced diet. We also have pellets that are specially formulated for juvenile reptiles.

Pellets are easy to digest and convenient to feed. Turtle food pellets are also easy for your turtle to eat since they float on water.