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Reptile Heating and Lighting for a Heavenly Habitat

Reptiles like it hot, hot, hot!

After all, they are cold blooded and the only way to regulate their temperature is by absorbing heat from the atmosphere. For optimal health reptiles also require UVA and UVB light. This is provided in the form of appropriate reptile lights.

Since sun can’t penetrate the glass in their reptile enclosure, you have to mimic it the best you can using terrarium lighting and heating. My Pet Warehouse stock a huge range of reptile lighting and heating supplies, all at fantastic prices.

Reptile heating

You’ll find heaps of reptile heating solutions in our online store. Depending on what type and size of enclosure you have your heating solution will vary. You can choose between ceramic heat lamps, infrared heat lamps and halogen lamps.

We also have reptile heat mats available that work to increase the temperature of the terrarium substrate or basking rocks.

Heated basking rocks

A heated basking rock simulates how a real rock stays warm in the sun. Various reptiles enjoy lazing about on warm rocks and it would be a useful addition to your terrarium.

Reptile lighting

You can find a range of reptile lights at My Pet Warehouse including reptile clamp lamps, fluorescent tubes and other solutions like the Exo Terra intense basking spot lamp.

Terrarium lights provide your reptile with necessary UV rays, which are essential for their wellbeing. The lights also work to raise the temperature in the enclosure. Last but not least, reptile lights improve vision meaning you will be able to see your pet in all his glory.