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Don’t be offended when your reptile hides!

There’s no need to be offended. Reptiles just like to hide. It is part of their nature, so providing a few reptile hides and shelters will ensure he lives a happy life. Without adequate places to hide, your scaly sidekick can become stressed and uncomfortable in his enclosure.

An appropriately sized cave will give your pet a safe and secure place to shelter when he wants to be alone. A hide will also give your pet a cooler place to relax if they wish to escape from the heat in their enclosure.

Types of reptile hides

My Pet Warehouse stock several types of reptile shelters. These include caves and dens that are designed to provide your reptile a safe place to relax. The natural look of the hides also blends into the landscaping of the enclosure.

Some cavesdouble up as a basking rock by featuring flat tops. This is useful if there is limited space in the terrarium or if you have more than one reptile.

Certain reptile hides that we stock include natural moss, which can be dampened to create a moist hideout. The addition of damp moss creates a slightly humid environment that is perfect for egg laying and skin shedding.

Reptile shelter brands

We stock Zoo Med, Reptile One and Exo Terra reptile caves. As an Exo Terra stockist in Australia, we offer you a large range of their popular reptile shelters. This includes the Exo Terra gecko cave and other Exo Terra reptile dens.

All hides stocked in our store are made from materials which are completely safe for your lizard, snake or turtle.