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Forget your garden. Reptile landscaping is the in thing.

Landscaping your terrarium will provide enjoyment for both you and your reptile. My Pet Warehouse stock heaps of terrarium accessories and other reptile landscaping products. First and foremost the decorations are designed to be comfortable and safe for your pet. They are also constructed to help you create your own little desert or rainforest landscape that compliments your reptile’s authentic habitat.

Reptile landscaping for lizards

Our assortment of synthetic plants is perfect for lizard enclosures. Synthetic plants are easy to clean and create a natural hiding spot for lizards. Unlike real plants, they provide a more sterile environment. Other terrarium accessories suitable for lizards include reptile climbing branches and a remote control mister. No terrarium landscape is complete without a synthetic rock background. These backgrounds look great and will help your lizard to feel secure in his enclosure.

Reptile landscaping for snakes

For a sensational snake habitat, you’ll find rock outcrops. These work to create a 3D landscape in the enclosure, allowing snakes to slither around the tank and get closer to heat sources. Other terrarium accessories suitable for snakes include climbing branches, synthetic plants and synthetic rock backgrounds.

Reptile landscaping for turtles

Aquatic turtles love water but they also need a place to bask and dry off after swimming. This is where turtle banks will help you. Turtle docks or turtle banks are an essential terrarium accessory if you are keeping turtles. A turtle dock can float above water maximises swimming space whilst still ensuring that your pet has somewhere dry to rest. Other terrarium accessories suitable for turtles include synthetic plants and synthetic rock backgrounds.