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Reptile medications and supplements

Have you got a sick snake or a poorly beardy? Perhaps you just want some supplements for your little mate? We have a huge selection of reptile medications and supplements to treat and prevent some common health issues among reptiles.

Trusted reptile care brands

We have dependable reptile medication brands including Vetafarm, Aristopetand Rep-cal. As a Vetafarm Australia stockist we carry an extensive range of their products. In our online store you’ll find Vetafarm Herpaboost, Herpashed and Herpavite.

Available reptile supplements and medication

Preventative reptile care includes items such as water treatments and antifungal agents. As a reptile owner, you’ll most likely use these products throughout the year to keep your pet healthy.

Reptile supplements including vitamins and minerals also work to prevent illnesses that arise from improper nutrition. Calcium supplements ensure the growth of juvenile reptiles and difficult feeders.

MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease) is a common disease among domesticated reptiles. Supplements can help to decrease the chance of your reptile developing MBD.

Repti-cal from Aristopet is a supplement designed especially to maintain an ideal calcium phosphorous balance, which dramatically decreases the chance of MBD.

Buying reptile medications and supplements online

As a reptile owner, it’s a good idea to always keep a supply of important vet care products for your pet. Much like we keep a medicine cabinet full of headache tablets and cough syrup, you should also have a go-to kit prepared for your reptile.

Your reptile health kit should contain water conditioner, a calcium supplement, a multi-vitamin and a skin mist spray.