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Reptile substrate for a first rate enclosure

Slithering, crawling, shuffling and sliding...Reptiles move in many ways. No matter how your reptile gets about, it’s important to provide him with the right reptile substrate for his needs.

There are several types of substrate you can use in your reptile’s enclosure. Each has distinct benefits and some are better for different species.

Reptile sand

Sand is ideal for a desert enclosure as it mimics a desert habitat. It conducts heat effectively and also encourages digging and burrowing behaviour.

Reptile sand is an appropriate lizard and snake substrate if they are desert dwelling reptiles.

Brands of reptile sand stocked at My Pet Warehouse include: Exo Terra Desert Sand and Vetafarm Desert Sand.

Reptile chips

Many reptile owners choose to use reptile chips in their terrariums. These chips can be constructed from wood bark or coconut husks and make good reptile bedding for humidity-loving reptiles.

The texture of the chips also means that reptiles can dig and burrow in the substrate.

Brands of reptile chips stocked at My Pet Warehouse include: Jungle Coco Peat, Kong’s Kritters Crumble and Exo Terra Forest Bark.

Reptile moss

Roll out moss carpets are mats of compressed moss that can be inserted into a reptile’s enclosure. The substrate will increase humidity levels in the terrarium as it can be moistened with water.

The moss mat is more hygienic than natural moss and is soft, making it suitable for reptiles and amphibians.

Brands of reptile moss stocked at My Pet Warehouse include: Exo Terra Forest Moss Mat.