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Get the correct climate with a reptile thermometer and humidity gauge

Without a reptile thermometer or humidity gauge you are not effectively able to measure the conditions of your pet’s enclosure. Sure, you can guess but some reptiles need a very precise temperature and humidity level to live happy and healthy lives.

Reptile thermometer

As a reptile keeper you’ll know that temperature is very important to reptiles. Reptiles are cold-blooded so they need a source of heat to help regulate their temperature. Ambient temperature must also be kept warm to keep them nice and cosy.

My Pet Warehouse stock reptile thermometers so that you can accurately measure the temperature of your reptile’s terrarium.

For an easy to read alternative to a traditional thermometer look for a reptile digital thermometer in our online store.

Reptile humidity guage

The level of humidity in an enclosure is equally important for some reptiles. Some species thrive in humid conditions so it’s important to have a reptile humidity gauge to assess the humidity of the enclosure.

A reptile humidity gauge (hygrometer) will help you to control the humidity level in your pet’s enclosure. Some reptiles like a higher level of humidity but too much humidity can encourage mould to grow.

A hygrometer will help you to keep humidity at an ideal level.

Reptile thermostat

A thermostat can aid with temperature regulation. They can be used to monitor the temperature within your reptile’s enclosure through a probe placed in the tank. The probe then signals the thermostat to either switch on or off to maintain the desired temperature.

It can save you energy and keep your reptile from overheating. The thermostat can be used to control a heating pad, lamp or other heating accessories.