Protect your precious pets with Revolution and Revolution Plus 

No one likes to see their paw pal come down with a serious case of uncomfortable itches. It seems like no matter how hard you try to stop them, they scratch and scratch until their skin is red and irritated. Help them feel better and get them back to their old itch-free selves with Revolution flea treatment.

Revolution dog and cat is a fast working gel that you can easily apply to the skin on the back of their neck. Revolution contains Selamectin, an active ingredient that is uniquely designed for our furry friends. As well as treating fleas, Selamectin for cats and dogs will also work to prevent infection of heartworm, intestinal worms, ear mites and mange.

You feline will feel great with Revolution Plus for cats

Keep your kitty looking their best shiny self with Revolution flea treatment for cats. Offering protection against fleas, mites, hookworms, roundworms and lice, this gel works for a month - so you don’t need to worry about frequent doses! Just simply part a section of fur on the back of their necks and apply a dose. Make sure to keep their fur dry for two hours to avoid washing the gel off. 

Not only will Revolution cat treatment stop nasty parasites in their tracks, it will also help to protect them against the deadly heartworm disease.Take their health one step further with Revolution Plus. Round out their complete monthly care and stop nasty ticks on top of fleas, mange, lice, worms and heartworm.

Revolution dogs will stop fleas in their tracks

Your doggos will be back to their usual self in no time with Revolution for dogs. The fast working gel means you don’t need to worry about trying to sneak a tablet into their food. Apply Revolution to the back of their neck with a quick-spot applicator and let your pup enjoy month-round protection. The gel becomes waterproof after two hours so you don’t have to worry about them getting wet and washing it off! 

Like cats, Revolution flea treatment for dogs offers them protection against fleas in all forms as well as nasty mites, worms and lice so that you can enjoy snuggles without the itch! Revolution for dogs also offers a high level of protection against heartworm disease.

Revolution for puppies and kittens will take care of little bodies

Give your fur babies the best start to life with Revolution puppy and kitten treatment. The gel works the same way as Revolution for bigger pets and offers all the same protection from fleas, mites, lice, worms and heartworm disease. You can start using Revolution for kittens and puppies when they’re eight weeks old. 

Whether you have a furry feline or a playful pup on your hands, Revolution pet medicine will take care of your pet. "

Revolution FAQ

Is Revolution heartworm medication?

Revolution for dogs and cats, as well as Revolution Plus, offer protection against heartworm disease.

How long does Revolution take to kill fleas?

Revolution will start to kill fleas within 6 hours after application. By the 24 hour mark, you can expect that almost all of the fleas in your pet’s coat will be dead.

How often can I apply Revolution to my cat or dog?

Revolution is a monthly treatment. In the case of extreme infestations, you may be directed by a vet to apply it fortnightly. However, it’s always best to check first before you start changing the schedule!

Are there any Revolution for cats side effects?

While Revolution is completely safe for your cat, like all medications there is a small chance of side effects. The most commonly reported is loss of appetite, drowsiness and some temporary hair loss at the application site. It’s best to keep an eye on your kitty and always consult a vet if you’re worried.

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